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Lifestyle in New Zealand

"Living in urban New Zealand, my short drive to work takes in the most spectacular natural backdrop. Within twenty minutes, I have driven through a vibrant city centre, offering cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment, out to countryside, framed by mountains and coastline."  -Nick, Dentist

"Although it was hard to leave loved ones in the UK, I believe New Zealand is where we will find the most happiness. My children will live a life they could not have had otherwise - New Zealand gives us a sense of belonging!" -Hannah, Anesthetist

"Live life as it used to be. Practice your art the way your bosses did. Practise your art the way your seniors did. Work hard; Play hard! Stunning scenery; stunning work opportunities." -Charles Adkins-Hudd, Urologist

"We just love it here and lots of aspects about NZ are similar to where I grew up in Stellenbosch: the people, the weather, the proximity of the beach and the mountains, just everything. And of course, madness about rugby! People are so relaxed here, but effective, which creates a lovely environment to work in." -Allister, Nephrologist