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Recruit with Pilkington Medics! When it comes to employing medical professionals from New Zealand and overseas, you need a medical recruitment consultant who knows how and where to find the talent that will match your needs.

If you are looking for a doctor or dentist from junior medical staff through to senior medical specialists, there are three great reasons why you should use Pilkington Medics to find one for you.

Industry Expertise

  • has extensive knowledge of the healthcare staffing market
  • combines this knowledge with our proven method for indentifying individuals suited to your organisation
  • maintains contact with a network of health professionals and
  • proactively contacts candidates when suitable roles become available.

Local Knowledge:

At Pilkington Medics, we

  • are based in New Zealand
  • have local knowledge to orientate potential employees to the culture in and out of the work place
  • can ensure that candidates' expectations are aligned with yours, to ensure the best possible fit with your organisation. 

Global Reach

Pilkington Medics

  • understands the need to think globally for your next employee
  • has experience working in the UK, Europe and Australasia
  • can deploy local knowledge and industry expertise simultaneously at several locations around the world - while still being able to deliver locally.