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Medical Registration for Working in New Zealand

To work in New Zealand as a Doctor, you must obtain your medical registration from the Medical Council of New Zealand. We can assist you with your application and liaise with the medical council to make sure there are no delays in your application.

If you are have trained outside New Zealand you will need to have the following requirements to apply for your medical registration

  • Primary medical degree from either Australia, United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland and full medical registration from the countries governing medical body. 


  • A primary medical degree from a comparable health system to New Zealand and have worked in one of the countries listed below for at least 30hrs/week for 36 months of the last 48 months and have full medical registration in that country's governing Medical Authority.

    The countries which fall within a comparable health system to New Zealand are:Australia,Austria,Belgium,Canada,Denmark, Finland , France ,Germany,Greece,Hong Kong ,Iceland,Israel,Italy,Norway,Republic of Ireland,Singapore,Spain, Sweden,Switzerland,The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States of America.


  • If you hold a primary medical degree from a university medical school listed on the Avicenna  (formally theWHO Directory)or ECFMG FAIMER directories and you have worked for 36 months (for at least 30hrs/week) during the 48 months prior to application in a comparable health system (from one of the countries listed above) and hold a full medical registration in the comparable health system listed above.
  • If your primary degree is from a non English speaking country you are required to complete the IELTS English test in accordance with Medical Council of New Zealand English testing policy.  Please refer to the Policy on English Language Requirements on the Medical Council of New Zealand website for exemptions to IELTs.


For further details please contact and follow the self assessment tool: